Korean Bojagi (package wrapped in cloth) in Sweden

Bojagi artist EunKyeong Choi and 5 fellows    

The artists : Eunkyeong Choi / Yunhee Kim / Sunghee Park / Yoonkyoung Park /

Oseang Lee / Eunyoung Jang

Sponser : Seoul Metropolitan Government


Term : 6 – 8 october 2018 (13 : 00 – 16 : 00)

Place : (Kungsholmen) St. Eriksgatan 9 WBL, Stockholm

organizer : Angsi Kwak (Receipt Philosophy AB)


Bojagi artist, Eunkyeong Choi and Camilla Skorup (the formor president for KIF, Sweden’s konsthantverkare och industriformgivare).

(left) Bojagi art of  Eric Schmidt, the formor Chairman of Google : Lee Young Hee, korean famous designer gave this bojagi art for present when Eric Schmidt visited to South-Korea. Also Lee Young Hee used bojagi of  Eunkyeong Choi for in her fashion show.

(right) Bojagi art of  the formor Japanese Prime Minister and wife, and Lee Young Hee of the center : Lee gave Eunkyeong Choi’s bojagi art to the Japanese couple. Lee Young Hee died in this year, 2018. Lee liked Eunkyeong Choi’s bojagi art.

* Eunkyeong Choi’s Bojagi art, decoration for hair of a model  in A fashion show of  Designer Lee Young Hee :


December 8, 2018 at 11:05 pm
Category: Creative, exhibition