1. When you use strawa very well, you can arrange accessories. You can put necklace into a straw after cutting it. Then necklaces are arranged simply without tangling.



2. Cut a straw into few pieces and put set of chopsticks into the cut straw. It’s all. When you arrange like this, you don’t need to warry to lose them. But, since you must put 2 chopsticks into a straw, the straw shouldn’t be too thin.



3. You can change hairpin with a straw. Cut a straw properly and put stickers on it. Then fix it to hairpin. No one recognizes that fix straw to hairpin.



4. It’s sometimes difficult to find the start of scotch tape. When we stick straw to the start point of it, we can quickly find the start point.



5. Hairs in drain hole can be removed. Sometimes water is not draining out of sink. Cut a straw on the bias and then repeatedly put it into the sink and pull out. You will see hairs are coming out.

If we threw straws after using it, they would be just rubbish. But they are quite useful. 


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September 23, 2014 at 11:11 pm
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